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Testimonial Eleven

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Julie Daines, Deputy Director of Finance & Performance Management – Oldham Primary Care Trust

Oldham PCT has worked closely with Darren Lawrenson over the last 7 months facilitating a number of developments workshops and individual coaching sessions that have been invaluable in further developing the team and helping us to understand what we need to do to become a 'World Class Team'.

Darren has personally facilitated Team Leader Workshops, focusing on the following areas amongst others: Personal Effectiveness, Developing Elite Teams - Team Dynamics and Team Personalities, Time Management, Coaching - Giving Feedback and delegation.

Darren has also facilitated a programme of individual coaching sessions with all the senior managers in the directorate; these have been personally focused, enabling us each to make significant shifts in thinking and behaviour.

Personally, the individual coaching sessions with Darren Lawrenson are inspirational, and enjoyable. Darren has the ability to focus in on the underlying messages, drawing them out into the open, enabling me to acknowledge, consider and harness them to my benefit. I have experienced mentors through the NHS but the experiences and reflections of Darren are powerful and compelling, motivating me to address the challenges thrown at me, and finding the solutions and way towards my goals.

I would personally recommend Darren Lawrenson as an inspirational coach, and urge anyone to grab the opportunity with both hands.