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Testimonial Two

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Julie Hill, Senior Field Sales Executive, Four Seasons Conservatory Roofs

I have been in sales for 18 years and got stuck in my ways: promoting the product, sell, sell, sell!  After a session with Dasala I realised that I could learn so much.

Our session showed me a different path – a different way to look at selling. Dasala’s workshop took away all the guess work and got me to focus on what the client was looking for I’m grateful for that.

If you are in sales then don’t forget to stop and listen, you will be amazed at what you can learn.

On an average I saw 17 new customers over 3 weeks and due to the techniques I have picked from the session with Dasaa 15 of those have ordered and the other two have said they will. So 100% what can I say. Four Seasons on average has had 16% increases on sales, so Dasala is doing something right.