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“Darren’s energy and enthusiasm was exactly what the conference needed to uplift the delegates. Not only is his approach refreshing, vibrant and enjoyable the content was knowledgeable and accurate.” Tom Kirkby, Managing Director – Call Northwest

Dasala’s conference speeches leave everyone in the audience with some simple tools and techniques they can apply back at their ‘real world’ of work immediately. These tools and techniques work with all people regardless of their role including some of the most successful business people, sports people and even students. Because although it’s important what people do, there are often common themes to get the best from people, and common themes of why people don’t maximise their potential and how to change this.

Dasala has the ability to speak on a variety of topics from leadership, management, personal effectiveness and ‘how to get the best from you’.


In our opinion great speakers get people to make decisions for themselves and go away and do something different as a consequence of being there.

Dasala use stories, antecdotes and ‘real life’ experiences to get delegates to make the shift.

Depending on your outcome from the Conference, Dasala will customize a programme to support your outcome: