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How to Use the Laser Level to Hang Pictures?

What is the Laser Level?

A laser level is a design tool for measuring levels by pointing a red or green beam at a flat surface. Laser levels are used to derive a cover's level or straightness by directing a beam of light over or around it. Small traditional laser levels can be used for DIY projects in and around the house, while more substantial industrial types are better suited for exterior and construction work. Home improvement projects such as hanging frames or placing carpets benefit significantly from the integration of laser levels.

What does laser level mean?

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A right laser level reduces the amount that people frequently do and has to guess the job to know if the surface is level or not. The important thing is that these are lasers and should never be aimed at others. Most laser levels are made with a low-intensity diode and are battery powered to move around freely without tripping on extension cords. The need strongly depends on the size of the project or whether it is inside or outside.

Steps to using a laser level while hanging pictures

Perhaps the most common use for small DIY lasers is to hang pictures or frames. You know that you can attach a frame or a piece of art without the laser level's support, but why the opportunity to have an oblique end product? A laser level helps you to easily hang the images in the middle and concentrate each time. Follow these simple instructions, and you will get wall art that is completely straight in a rough time.

Step 1: First, measure the wall you want to use and the width of the frame you want to hang.

Step 2: Select the desired height for the top of your picture and make a small pencil mark within the measured height.

Step 3: Use your tool to create a horizontal line onto the pencil mark.

Step 4: Carefully adjust the laser until the bubble is centered in the glass and is between black lines and the beam projected through or on the pencil mark.

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How to use these laser levels when you want to hang a picture?

Step 5: If you are convinced that the laser beam goes precisely through the pencil mark, you can attach it securely or connect a laser level device.

Step 6: Then, you should measure the distance from the top of your picture to its hanging point. As you see, it’s usually a small hook or cord behind the photo frame.

Step 7: Use this measurement to measure where the pencil and laser marks meet and make another pencil mark. Your frame hangs on this mark when you are finished.

Step 8: gently nail the pin in place. Alternatively, you can try to use a nail gun - read the full instructions to know more. Then, place your frame on the hook and align it with the laser beam before positioning it.

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You know that in only a few minutes, you can get a perfectly straight wall decoration with practically no problems. Why should you try hanging wall art without a laser level at all?


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