Thinking X Behaviour = Outcome

We offer one-to-one coaching for individuals to allow them to improve their own performance and that of the teams they lead. Work is primarily focussed on the coachees thinking which will allow them to challenge their own behaviours.

We develop and assess skills in order to support clients to achieve their goals and unlock their potential. We work with clients to help them secede from limiting beliefs to allow them to improve their confidence, clarity, and focus.

We act as a sounding board to enhance creativity, challenge thinking, provide encouragement and equip individuals with the techniques and tools they will need to work at their peak performance.

Dasala builds positive relationships and we regard our clients with unconditional, positive regard. As coaches, we are always on the side of our clients; this builds total trust and positive chemistry in order reassure, build confidence and productivity.

Coaching is a positive experience for our clients and the investment in themselves pays dividends. When they apply their new skills, experience shows they achieve better results for their organisations and for themselves.

The majority of our coaching is face to face but this can be supplemented with telephone calls, online video calls and emails, as and when necessary.

Our coaching is primarily geared towards leaders: senior executives and directors in both public and private sectors, partners in professional organisations and senior leaders in public bodies.

We adapt our coaching for individuals and tailor our programmes to each client. We occasionally enhance our programmes with diagnostic testing and psychometric profiles which may involve feedback from colleagues.

The foundations of our coaching programmes rely on agreed objectives between coach and client. Occasionally a client’s organisation may contribute to the coaching brief which will then be incorporated into the programme.

As with all of our clients, our work is highly confidential and we continue to maintain the strictest codes of professional conduct in all aspects of our work.