Team Development & Facilitation

We work with teams of varying sizes and structures. Our appointments range from single interventions through to long-term, systematic team coaching assignments. We work to develop and transform teams as they undertake challenges and change.

We maximise individuals’ talents and skills whilst optimising team effectiveness through collaboration. Teams develop an understanding of where they integrate within the wider organisation of which it is a part and enables them to focus on delivering the end vision and objectives.

The predominant teams that Dasala works with are: Main Board, Executive Board, Operating Board, The Boards of subsidiary companies, Teams of functional professionals, Partnership Boards.

 We focus on those areas that will give the greatest return for you and your business, in the short and long term, often including:

  • Reviewing the top team’s strategic direction and priorities
  • Resolving conflict between individuals and groups
  • Building a new team
  • Developing partnership behaviours across team and stakeholder communities
  • Raising the leadership impact of the top team

We spend time with executives and leaders understanding their business vision, needs and goals, their role in the marketplace, the culture of their organisation, and what previous steps they have taken to date to bring about change. We also work with organisations to establish the diagnostic work that we will undertake. We work closely with the executives leading the team to ensure what we are doing meets their needs.

The inputs to such events include:

  • Diagnostic engagement where we will meet with each participant in advance of the workshop
  • The use of appropriate psychometric tools
  • Bespoke workshop design to meet the specific needs of the top team

The outputs will vary but the following are a sample of some key outputs

  • Defining a clear vision
  • Clarity on the mission of each team member and the collective mission
  • Agreement on appropriate values
  • Understanding stakeholder and shareholder perspectives with clarity
  • Assessing strategy and defining new purpose and goals
  • Assessing tactics, reviewing what works and what does not work
  • Agreeing the what and the how of leading the enterprise
  • Engaging the top team in joined up leadership