“Darren has been my business mentor for 12 years and with the help of his wisdom and guidance I have grown my brand internationally. He understands my business goals and is very clear on helping me achieve them through goal setting, personal challengers and working through mindset blockages. Without his advice and coaching sessions I am not sure if I would be where I am today. He has always encouraged me to think independently and shown me how life can be lived without self imposed blocks. Through coaching we became great friends and developed personal development retreats which have changed my life considerably for the better. His enthusiasm and passion for life and business has no limits.”

Amanda Moss

Lifestyle Magazine

“I have worked with Darren over the past 2 years in different situations from personal coaching, Executive Team Building and organisational change perspectives.  Darren is very perceptive in listening to what you want to get from a situation or a team and relaying back to you, how you may consider getting there and then testing this out.  He has a very supportive conversational style that allows for consideration of the discussion and challenging your thought process or next steps which is really helpful.

Darren’s open, honest and thoughtful nature allows for reflection of behaviours and how they influence personal and business situations, alongside a humorous look at how I deal with this and the resulting outcome.  This has enabled me to grow and consider through constructive challenge where my red lines are.  I would recommend Darren as a trusted associate and someone you can confidently touch base with along your or your organisations journey.”

Michelle Creed

Chief Nurse, NHS Halton and NHS Warrington CCG’s

“Darren brings huge doses of motivation, enthusiasm and experience to the start of our 20Twenty Leadership programmes at Bangor University and helps delegates start thinking about a plan for themselves, the business and their front-line teams.  He helps everyone within the business achieve their best, through leadership.

Darren first delivered at Bangor University on the LEAD Wales programme back in 2010 and has since delivered on two other Leadership programmes; 20Twenty and ION leadership.  At each of his Masterclass sessions we have always received excellent feedback.   Even now, when we speak to past delegates from our first ever programmes all those years ago, delegates still mention the impact Darren had on them and their business, and they also mention those honking geese!

Darren’s combination of experience, skills and expertise means that he is uniquely positioned to bring value added support to Bangor University’s leadership programmes, through the delivery of organisational development change sessions, planning and ultimately the implementation of lasting and effective change.  Darren delivers Masterclasses that are focused upon leadership, effective integration and encourages the drive to ensure that the very best service is delivered to customers

We wanted to share a little bit of Darren’s enthusiasm, motivation and ‘magic’ at our Annual Conference and share his knowledge with our delegates who have attended our Leadership programmes over the last 10 years at Bangor University, and as usual Darren didn’t disappoint.

Many delegates from our Leadership programmes at Bangor University (LEAD, ION leadership and 20Twenty Business Growth) have had the opportunity to listen to Darren as he shares his leadership passion with Business Owners, Directors and Managers to help inspire, engage and improve their motivation and confidence.  He always delivers a memorable Masterclass.”

Jackie Whittaker MBA

Business Develop Manager, 20Twenty, Bangor University

I have worked with Darren for around 8 years, which should tell its own story. The work we have done has been across a variety of settings and scenarios, and included 1-2-1 development work, but also around creating high performing teams.  Darren brings a unique mix of supportive challenge and real energy.  He has been able to support with some very entrenched and difficult situations, and has always managed to navigate a way through.  The piece I value most with Darren is that he will not just “let you get away with it”, but presents the challenge in a way where it feels like you’re chatting to an old mate.  Darren is really effective at what he does, and the fact that we have continued working together for so long is testament to the fact.

Dan Brunstone

Clinical Director, Push Doctor