My name is Darren Lawrenson; I am the Managing Director and founder of Dasala Ltd. I set up Dasala in 2010 with the aim of transforming businesses.

I began coaching in 2006 with the sole aim of bringing effective leadership and personal development expertise to organisations, large and small, public and private throughout the UK. Building upon my years of business leadership experience and consistent success in bringing out the very best in individuals and teams, I rapidly developed a comprehensive range of coaching, training and facilitation techniques.

I now work with many notable National and Global clients in the Health, Financial, Education, Technology and Media sectors. Having built up my client base, I am proud to say, I still work with many businesses and individuals with whom I have been mentoring since the launch of my company and many of my clients have also requested my expertise when they have migrated to other organisations.

This combination of experience, skill and expertise means that I am uniquely positioned to bring value, adding support through the delivery of organisational development change programmes, from base-lining diagnostics, through to planning and ultimately, the implementation of lasting and effective change. I deliver projects that are focused upon leadership, effective integration and the drive to ensure that the very best service is delivered to customers.

My clients enjoy frank, challenging conversations leading to fresh thinking and new insights. It is this dynamic nature of conversations that provides a stimulus for creative reflection and new action. I often assist Chief Executives and Board members in taking on new roles and navigating major organisational change.

I believe successful coaching is about the personal chemistry between the client and the coach. Through building trusting relationships with my clients, I am able to empower them to explore challenges and opportunities within their workplace. This allows my clients to develop their leadership skills, improve performance and release potential.

I am passionate about my work and I feel I am at my best when working with senior management teams, inspiring people and teams to perform, challenging people, getting to the heart of issues and helping individuals to create lasting change strategies.

Quite simply, I believe in helping people to become the best version of themselves and allowing them to become fully satisfied with their lives because I genuinely think everyone can be amazing!